During the recent disputed elections in Iran, many Muslim Women came out to
participate.  Many were unhappy with the way that the Revolutionary Guard
ignores what Islam says are the rights of women, and deals from a cultural
framework instead.  

  If a government wishes to be recognized as being Islamic, it needs to follow
Islam and not restrict and rescind the rights of its people because it wants to stay
in power.

  There are many disturbing reports coming out of Iran that leaders of several
women's groups have been arrested and/or beaten.  Claims have been made that
the punishment was meted out because the women were not following Islam.  In
a minority of cases this is probably true.  But it is also true that the protesting
women are focusing attention on issues that the Government would prefer to
have ignored.

  Muslim women who know Islam can be the most powerful force for change in a
society, whether Iran or the USA. Allah has given us the tools, so teach your
children, both boys and girls.  Give them the power of Islam so that when facing
oppression and discrimination, they are strong enough to keep their faith and help
others on the path to Allah.

  And Pray for out Sisters in Iran, in Afghanistan and anywhere else where they
are being unjustly dealt with.
International Union of Muslim
If you want to see the power of
women, look at Iran.
Fall 2009