The International Union of Muslim Women has long recognized that many women
who are either "born" Muslim, marry Muslim men and "convert" to Islam, or "revert"
to Islam when they become exposed to the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad
(PBUH) are taught "Cultural" or "Political" Islam instead.

"Cultural" and "Political" Islam are NOT Islam, and have led to people who call
themselves "Muslim", performing vile acts of terrorism, and "teaching" a hate filled
theology that seeks domination over others instead of submission to Allah.

How can you practice Islam if you don't know what Islam is?

How can you claim your rights, and fulfill your responsibilities as a Muslim if you
don't know what they are?

With the help of Allah, IUMW seeks to educate our Sisters about the difference
between Cultural Islam and Islam as proven in the Qur'an and Reliable Hadith.  

InshaAllah, we will succeed together.

Our Mission is to:
  • Educate Muslim Women about Islam as revealed in
    the Qu'ran and Hadith.
  • Help Muslim Women to educate their children,
    families and communities.
  • Provide an International UNION of Muslim Women
    that speak Islam and provide a support network  of
    resources, ideas, and religious education.
International Union of Muslim
Mission Statement