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Thank you for considering the purchase of Books or other material from this e-store.   Profit made from the
sale of these items is used to fund this website and to support the International Union of Muslim Women.  
Items from outside vendors must be vetted in order to ensure that they are Halal and do NOT violate
copyright, patent or trademark laws. That means that the sale of books and videos that do NOT pay royalties
to the Authors/copyright holders will be removed or not allowed on this site.  If you are aware of an
infringments...please notify us.

Why is this Important to IUMW?   
    We are Muslims...THAT should be reason enough!  But it does not seem to be.  People have put up videos
of speeches on Youtube and on DVDs  and reprinted the books by Aminah Assilmi, many times without her
permission, or payment.  Yes, she was doing her work FisBilAllah, BUT because she was not being paid, or
being underpaid for her work and contributions...she ended up Homeless.  

    In another case, a Brother worked on a video with a local Islamic Organization.  A certain percentage was
to go to the Brother and the Organization would get the rest.  The Brother was asked by one of the
Cameramen about the arrangement and was he(the Brother) going to be paid?  The Brother said he would
get a number of copies of the video that he could sell, and that after the expenses of producing the DVD were
recouped, he and the organization would split the profit and that it didn't matter anyway, because, HE was
doing it "FisBilAllah!"  The Cameraman, a Muslim, said that was very laudable, but Landlords and the Grocery
Store do not accept "FisBilAllah" as payment.  The Cameraman also explained that it was important to be paid
for work for two reasons: Perceived Value of Work and Control over Distribution of Resources.

What are "Perceived Value of Work" and "Control over Distribution of Resources"
   First, People and Organizations do not seem to value what they get for free.  There is a "Perceived Value
of Work" that some jobs or people are worth more money for what they do. Football Heroes make more than
Teachers...the CEO of a Supermarket Chain makes more that the Owner of a local Halal Store.  It seems that
if you get paid less, your work is worth less.  Therefore, if you work for free...?  How many times do Masjids
take for granted the work put in by some members of the Jummah?  "Oh, Brother Ali is a plumber, he can do it
"FisBilAllah! Maybe he will not charge us for parts either." , without considering that Brother Ali is working
overtime just to make ends meet and paying for parts means it has to come out of a bill he was trying to pay
off.  And "Have Sister A'isha get some of the women together to clean up after the IFTAR.  We don't want to
have to pay overtime to the cleaning service.", without considering that "Sister A'isha and the women"
COOKED the Iftar, and still have to Clean up their own kitchens as well as prepare for tomorrow, take care of
their children and do it all while FASTING.  Few people mind helping out in an emergency or when money is
tight, but when people are asked to "Volunteer" when there IS money or there ARE resources available to pay
them and there is Not an emergency, they begin to question about just what the money is being used for.  
Does the Director's Office really need new furniture every 3 or 4 years?
 Second, why should somebody else have the ability to decide what to do with the profit of YOUR labor?  
Who should have "Control over the Distribution of Resources" that you are entitled to?  According to Islam,
workers should be paid before "the sweat dries from Their brow."  Even the Bible says that "the Workman is
worthy of his hire."  Why than should somebody who produces work that generates profit, not receive the
benefit of that labor?  Only at the point of payment can somebody decide whether to donate all or some of the
resource, or decide to use it for themselves and/or donate it to a cause or entity that THEY feel needs THEIR
support more.
 (Again, "Does the Director's Office really need new furniture every 3 or 4 years?")   With copyrights,
trademarks and other "intellectual property", these are the property of the holder and their beneficiaries or the
people & organizations who were either given or bought/contracted for those rights.  It is not for an individual
to decide that "they are rich" (the wealth of "THEY" does not matter), "they won't mind if I make 50 copies for
the Masjid without permission" (did you ask?)  I am desperate for money for ----- and so I will sell these books I
printed at that copy place because nobody will notice. (that is called theft in Islam.)

Taking Responsibility for OUR actions...
Money and Resources are an Amana, a TRUST from Allah.  We are responsible for the decisions we make.  If
we allow thieves to steal intellectual property rights, we allow THEM to choose what to do with the money.  And
by the very THEFT...the money is no longer Halal.  If we knowingly buy the stolen work, we do not get the
benefit from it.  A Brother was going through a Convention Bazaar with a well-known Speaker.  As they passed
by a bookseller...the Speaker pointed out the many copies of his book that were available.  As they walked
away, he told the Brother that most of the sellers books were unauthorized copies of his and other writers
books that had been reprinted without permission or payment of royalties.  He was asked why didn't he say
anything about it?  He said that he did not have the resources to go after every he had to put his
trust in Allah, and the knowledge that sooner or later they would be held to account.  On his part, he would
notify the publishers of their lack of permission and sometimes they would apologize and make a payment.  
Sometimes they would stop making unauthorized copies, and sometimes they would just ignore his request.  
He said that he could afford to let it go...but he knew that some of the other authors could have used the
money.  IUMW chooses NOT to involve this website in things of which there is doubt.  
Our Goal is to provide our site visitors with the best HALAL products that we can at an
affordable price.  Please enjoy (and purchase) our selections.
Giving Children the Power
of Islam
(2002) is a short
book by Aminah Assilmi that
helps Parents and
Parents-to-be learn some
sound Islamic strategies for
raising Muslim children using
Qu'ran and Hadith.    
 ISBN-13:  978-0-9767141-0-1
Choosing Islam (1996) A
short book by Aminah Assilmi
about how Muslims must
choose to follow their Islam
EVERY day. Includes the story
of her conversion as well as
some of the challenges she
     ISBN: 978-0-9767141-6-3
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