Sisters, Teach Your Sons!!!
December 2008
International Union of Muslim
The recent killings in India appear to be the acts of a group of young men who have
identified themselves as Muslim.  Their actions clearly indicate that they are
NOT following
Islam because both Qur'an AND Hadith clearly forbid the taking of life except in certain,
well-defined  circumstances which were not in place in this event.  In fact, what is NOT being
reported in most stories about the event is that as many as one forth to one third of the
victims were actually Muslims themselves!
 This proves that terrorists don't care about
religion or nationality, they want body counts and sound bites.

Sisters, teach your sons AND Daughters that Islam forbids the murders of
innocent people.
 Make sure that your husband, your brothers, and all of your male (and
female) relatives know that the massacre that occurred in Mumbai (Bombay) India was not
the teachings of Islam, but the result of the tirades of terrorists whose political agenda tries
to hide behind religion in order to gain power for its leaders.  This is why it is sooo important
for women to know what Islam stands for.  READ your Qur'an, STUDY Hadith.  Don't depend
on someone else to TELL you what your religion says!

According to the teachings of the Prophet (PBUH), mothers were to receive 3 times more
respect than that accorded to fathers.  ONE of the reasons for this was because women are
the educators and nurturers of children.  If you don't like the way the children are acting,

Be aware of what is happening in your community!
We will again hear politicians,
certain religious and media leaders and people interviewed in those "Man on the Street"
interviews, complain about how
"those Muslims don't come out and condemn what
  Sisters, make sure that you are heard!  Don't let misguided or prejudiced
people use this tragedy as a way to excuse further attacks upon the vast majority of  
Muslims who DO follow Islam, who do know that what happened was inexcusable, and who
call for the punishment of
ALL those responsible.
Sisters, Teach Your