In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate

Assalaamu Alaikum,

Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'oon. Our beloved sister, Aminah Assilmi passed away
this morning (March 5, 2010) in an automobile accident.  

We pray that Allah (SWT) will shower His mercy on this sister and grant her the
highest level of Paradise - Jannat Ul-Firdous - and give her family patience in this
difficult time. Ameen.

Sister Aminah Assilmi, Director of the International Union of Muslim Women, Author,
Advocate of Women’s Rights, and Renowned Speaker died early Friday morning
while returning from a speaking engagement in New York .  

Sister Aminah and her son, were in single car accident just outside of Newport
Tennessee where she had been living for just over a year.  The car accident
happened just after 3am and it appears that Aminah was killed instantly.  Her son
Mohammad was taken to a hospital in Knoxville .

Aminah had some health issues, but still maintained a rigorous schedule of speaking
engagements to many communities around the country and around the world.  She
was instrumental in getting the Eid stamp issued in 2001 and had been planning to
start a campaign to have the stamp reissued with a new design in time for its 10 year
anniversary.  She was also trying to build a Center for Muslim Women’s Studies that
would serve as a place where converts could learn about Islam and the basics
including how to pray etc., as a retreat, and as a summer camp for Muslim children.

Aminah was 65 and is survived by her daughter Amber, and sons, Whitney and
Mohammad as well as several grandchildren.  

Any donations to offset final expenses or to continue her work with IUMW can go
through the
International Union of Muslim Women trough the website at

Remembrances can be sent to, some of these may be published
on the website
Original Request for Help from 2008
As some people are aware, Sister Aminah Assilmi  has been homeless for the last several months.  
This came about when the house she was living in was sold and she could not find a place to rent that
was within her budget. She didn't have the deposit, the credit references, or a good support network that
could help her out.
In an effort to save money, Aminah became one more of the "serial campers" that move from
campground to campground trying to stretch the modest amount of money they have to fit from one end
of the month to the other. By living in a tent, cutting down on travel and food expenses, and relying on the
kindness of strangers who often share her plight, she has managed to survive.  
By now you are probably asking how this famous speaker, this advocate of Islam and of women, the
President of the International Union of Muslim Women, can get into this position.
It is simple, many of our brothers and sisters are just one paycheck away from disaster.  If a flood takes
out their apartment or a factory closes down, there is no way for them to start over or move away.  Look
around your own community and see if you can identify the student who is so poor that they wear broken
glasses or the working poor family who can't afford the work needed to get their car fixed.  It is the same
with Aminah.  Sister Aminah has spent the last 30+ years doing Da'wah and working FisbillAllah, for the
sake of Allah.  It doesn't pay much in this world, but according to the Qu'ran, the benefits in the next world
are GREAT!
When you go online and google Aminah Assilmi, you will find many books, cds, videos and recordings of
her work, lectures and activities.  She does not get a cent from any of these items.  Some were recorded
and sold by their producers, in a few cases, she has received some copies that she could sell, but
these have always been limited in number. But by and large, the only person(s) who have made money,
are the ones that sell these items.
Sister Aminah also does a lot of lectures and in many cases, she has only gotten her travel and hotels
paid for. Sometimes there is a collection taken and that is how she has made her "living."  But then there
are other cases.  A community that regularly provides stipends or honorariums to its invited male
speakers, gave nothing but thanks to its invited sister speakers. It is hard to pay the bills that way.
Another problem is that with the downturn in the economy, there are not as many communities that have
the resources to invite speakers and pay them any money at all.
            PLEASE HELP!
So here it is my Sisters (and occasional brother reading this), since Sister
Aminah Assilmi won't ask, I will.  We need a home for the International Union of
Muslim Women, and we heed a place for Aminah Assilmi to live and continue to
do the work that helps everyone.  Please go to the contact us page and send an
email.  Please mail a donation to the address at the top of the website.  Please
try to invite Sister Aminah to give a speech or lecture to your community or to
your local university.  (She really is very good!)  And within the next few days, the
website administrator (that is me) will have an e-store in place to let you buy
some of her books for which she gets ALL of the money.  Thank you and may
Allah Bless you for your efforts.
Aminah and
her rocks!
Welcome to
I am so very glad that I am
a Muslim. Islam is my life.
Islam is the beat of my
heart. Islam is the blood
that courses through my
veins. Islam is my
strength. Islam is my life
so wonderful and
beautiful. Without Islam I
am nothing, and should
Allah ever turn His
magnificent face from me,
I could not survive."
Aminah's Corner
& Home of the International Union of Muslim Women
Aminah Assilmi
Director IUMW
b.1945 - d. 2010