Aminah Assilmi
Director IUMW
b.1945 - d. 2010
We Sadly Confirm The Passing of
Aminah Assilmi
Muslimah, Mother, Sister, Scholar, Teacher, Author,
Friend &
Director of the
International Union of
Muslim Women
At 3:21 am, Friday, March 5th, 2010, a car driven by Aminah’s son, failed to navigate a curve in the road,
went up an embankment and hit a tree stump.  Both passengers were wearing seat belts, but Aminah was
killed on impact.   Apparently the driver had fallen asleep at the wheel.

She was pronounced dead at the scene and he was taken to a nearby hospital where he was released on
Saturday in order to attend his mother’s funeral.  His injuries are not considered life threatening and he is
expected to make a full recovery.

Aminah’s body was released on Saturday morning and was taken to the Click Funeral Home near Knoxville  
Tennessee and several sisters performed the ritual of washing and preparing Aminah's body for burial.   
Aminah’s sons and daughter were there be with their mother.  Her daughter was in the room while we
washed her, while her sons waited outside.  And all three of them had some private time with Sister
Aminah.  Other than that, there were sisters taking turns reciting Quran the whole time she was at the funeral
parlor. Her former husband, along with one of her grandchildren were also able to make it to the funeral.

Janazah prayer, led by a local Imam, was held at a nearby cemetery that has a section reserved for
Muslims.  Over 100 people attended.  The cemetery is located in a green and hillly area that Aminah would
have loved and during the ceremony the sun was shining, a light breeze was blowing and in the distance you
could hear a train going by.  After the Janazah prayer, several brothers remained to recite Quran.  It was a
comfort to know that she was buried Islamically, the way that she wanted.  Eventually, there will be either a
small plaque or marker placed by her grave for identification.  

We pray that Allah (SWT) will shower His mercy on this sister and grant her the
highest level of Paradise - Jannat Ul-Firdous - and give her family and friends patience
this difficult time. Ameen.

Later that evening a memorial was held at the Annoor Academy .  The Annoor Academy is the local Muslim
school and they rearranged their Fund Raising and Event Schedule in order to give everyone who was
attending a nice place to pray Isha, and to remember Sister Aminah. They had also helped to arrange
housing and hotels for visitors like myself who were coming in from all over the country.  In all, the community
in Knoxville was very helpful and welcoming in coordinating the efforts to help those of us who came to share
our love of Allah and to pay our respects for Sr. Aminah.

InshaAllah, Aminah’s work will continue and the blessings that she will get will continue as long as the people
she helped and educated continue to help and educate others. Please email me if you have any questions.

Assalamu Alaikoum,
Nadiah Beekun

Secretary and Web Master
International Union of Muslim Women

(And a very special Shukran Jazillian Sisters at Annoor Academy )    
And it is not [possible] for
one to die except by
permission of Allah at a
decree determined. And
whoever desires the reward
of this world - We will give
him thereof; and whoever
desires the reward of the
Hereafter - We will give
him thereof. And we will
reward the grateful.
My name is Aina Shah and I am living in
Texas. Alhamdulillah I had many
opportunities of meeting Sr. Amina
Assilimi.  I like to share few things with
all of you as a Sadqa-e-Jaria for her.
The first time I met Aminah, I cannot
forget that, she was full of life and
energy. She showered me with her hugs
and smiles as if she has known me for
ages. Whenever I looked at her she was
always smiling in every situation never
panicked.  A great quality in her was that
she always looked at the positive side of
everyone and never found fault or
pointed out anyone’s fault.
She was deeply in love with her own
children and talked about them a lot. But
she loved everyone around her like her
own children with same love and
affection. In her company I always felt
energetic and ready to do anything for
I am a born Muslim but still felt the
connection missing between me and
God. Aminah was the first one when I
heard her talking about GOD I felt real
love of Allah in her eyes. Whenever she
talked about Allah there was an amazing
kind of shine on her face and eyes which
can never get unnoticed Subhallah.
She had mashallah always dependent
on Allah’s blessings and never asked
for money for any of her lectures in which
she talked about Allah and His creation.
She was an amazing woman never back
bitted about anyone never complained
about anyone. In spite of her many
illnesses she never stopped working for
the Deen of ALLAH(GOD).She never
cared about how many people were
there to listen to her she said if I can
plant a seed of love of Allah in one heart
its good enough for me.
She was tested by Allah and people
many times but she never complained.
People used and abused her, never
giving money or helping her for her
lectures and selfless contributions to
Deen. But she never used or said
hateful words for them. I used to ask her
why don’t you ask them for money, she
always said I felt shy I can’t, though she
was in need of it because of no regular
source of income or job. She was one of
those our Holy Quran talks about that
there are some people who are in need
but they never ask for it.
Last time I met her was in November
2009. She came to Arlington on invitation
of a sister. I called the sister to tell her to
pay her some money as she never asks.
She asked me if I work for her. I told her
no but I know she will never ask. She
said they will do that but they never did.
She told me how she had to live in a tent
for a whole year and her cancer came
back by getting exposed to sunlight
excessively. BUT she didn’t complain
about anyone that no one took care of
her or asked me for help. She had
developed heart problems but was not
taking medicine for heart as the
medicines are very expensive and she
did not have enough money for buy them.
I feel ashamed that what will we say in
front of Allah on the Day of Judgment. As
there is a saying of Allah (Hadith
Qudasi) the summary of which is , Allah
will ask oh man I was hungry and you
never fed me, the person will say I didn’t
know you were hungry, He will say one
of my servant was hungry and you didn’t
feed him.

Before Islam she had everything .She
told my husband that she used to buy a
new model car every year but after
accepting Islam she devoted her time
and energies for the religion of Allah she
lost all her money. When a person
works for the deen of Allah it becomes
the responsibility of the community to
take care of his or her needs.
But we as an ummah are so insensitive
to these things that we think now if this
person is doing something for Allah's
deen he should spend a life of a monk
not eating or living a good normal life.
Though our Prophet Mohammad (May
peace and blessings of Allah be upon
him) showed us by practical example
that he led a normal simple life.
Aminah has set an example for us all to
be patient and to be loving and friendly to
our fellow human beings as it’s the
characteristic of a Momin-a true Muslim.
She was like a candle in the wind ready
to blow at time but she gave light to
everyone she met until she lived. I love
aminah truly from the bottom of my heart
and will always keep on praying for her.
Whoever read this please make dua for
her maghfirah.

“O Allah forgive her and have
mercy upon her, grant her
wellbeing and pardon her and
receive her honorably. Expand her
place of entry and bathe her with
water, snow and ice and cleanse
her of sin like you cleanse a white
garment from dirt. Exchange her
worldly home for a better home
and her family for a better family
and her spouse for a better
spouse. Admit her into Paradise
and protect her from the
punishment of the grave and the
torment of the Fire. “

Innalillah wainna lilahirojiun , May Allah
SWT place her in the highest  of Jannah.
Truly a remarkable Muslim reverts who
have only one thing in life that is to
spread the beaty of Islam. We lost one
remarkable Muslim lady. Al fatihah.
Shohimi Harun
May the showers of Allah's mercy be on you,
and may all your good words by which you
defended Islam stand for you.
I am so very glad that I
am a Muslim. Islam is
my life. Islam is the beat
of my heart. Islam is the
blood that courses
through my veins. Islam
is my strength. Islam is
my life so wonderful
and beautiful. Without
Islam I am nothing, and
should Allah ever turn
His magnificent face
from me, I could not
                Aminah Assilmi
The world has grown  a little quieter this past
week, with the passing of our dear sister.
Aminah came into my life as a mentor and
became my friend. She gave me the
inspiration and opportunity to develop myself
a a speaker for the Deen Allah (swt)
perfected. All my life I will look back on my
relationship with this beloved lady and give
thanks to Allah for blessing my life with such
a friend. She honored me by sharing the
work of telling the world the beauty of Islam. I
had left lecturing for a time due to a personal
tragedy and only recently returned to
speaking and had not yet reconnected with
my friend. Now, I must wait till another time
for her smile and hug.
I understand the sadness those of you at
IUMW are certainly feeling and share in your
loss as I know thousands around the world
are. Hers was a life well lived and I can not
think of my dear friend without thinking of the
ayat in al Fajr which says 'Oh soul at peace,
return to your Lord, well pleased, well
pleasing! enter, my paradise!'

Please know that I am at your service for
anything that I may do to help. What Aminah
started must not stop, the work is far too
important and we must continue as each act
we do towards service of Islam will be as a
waqaf for our dear friend.
Wasalaam, Maryam
Asalaamu alaykom wa rahamatAllahu wa
barakatu. On behalf of the Muslim Students'
Organization of the University of Detroit Mercy,
we would like to send our condolences to the
family of Sister Aminah Assilmi and we were
privileged to have known her great kindness
and humble character. She inspired us with
her kind words and gentle touch. Our hearts
feel an ever-aching pain through the loss of
her, but her work and voice lives on through
those whose lives she touched. May Allah swt
bless her and have mercy on her soul ameen.
Walaikum wasalaam
Allah should protect all her
relatives,friends,dawa'a,the muslim
communities and all what she left behind.

Maa salaam.
Assalamu Alaikum,

"Inna Lillahi wa Inna Ilaihi Raji-oon - We all
belong to Allah and unto Him we shall

The Jitmoud family and I wish to extend our
sincerest and deepest condolences to the
family of our Dear Sr. Aminah Assilmi.  We
remembered Sr. Aminah well when she was
with us in Kansas City, MO.  Among many
other invaluable contributions towards
Islamic education,  Sr. Aminah had helped
produce our 1st promotion video for Islamic
School of Kansas City.  She did, indeed, a
wonderful work, Masha Allah!

We shall make Du'a to Allah (swt) to shower
His ultimate Mercy upon Sr. Aminah's soul,
forgive her sins, accept her good righteous
deeds, and grant her in the highest rank in
Jannah (Paradise) among His righteous
servants.  May Allah (swt) also grant her
family and relatives strength of faith (Iman)
and patience (Sabr) during this difficult time.  

Sincerely Yours in Islamic Education,
Dr. Abdul-Mun'im S. Jitmoud, Ed.D.
Principal of (Lexington
Universal Academy)

"The world is waiting for Islamic education.
Deliver it while you can."
Words cannot express the profound grief and
loss I am feeling since learning of sister
Aminah's passing. I met her only a few
months after taking shahada  in 1994 and felt
like we had always known each other. May
Allah forgive her for any transgressions and
grant her entry to the highest level of paradise.
I will miss you with all my heart!
Kaethe Eltawely
My condolence goes to our mujahidat sis.
Aminah Assilimi who passed on to Al-ajant
firdaus. i pray that Allah forgive her sins, raise
her among the sabiyat on the day of
AA, I offer my condolences to the family of dear
sister Aminah Assilmi, she was a role model for
all Muslims, although she was battling cancer,
Allah chose her not to die because of that,
subhannallah. on March 1, my mother passed on
at the age of 88 after several functioning in her
body failed,  Allah subhanahu wa tala prepared us
in stages to face this fact of passing and to pray for
her to alleviate the sffering she was going
thru....may Allah give you strength and patience
and to know to be prepared to go on to the next life
when He chooses for us .
from Dallas, TX
Best Regards,
My deepest Condolences for sister Aminah
Assilmi family. May Allah accept her in Janna

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Assalam alaikum

I am deeply saddened to hear of Sister
Aminah's accident and passing.
She has touched the life and hearts of so
many Muslim and non-Muslim women
alike. I can remeber how much she touched
me in my journey as a new
Muslimah years ago.
She was a true blessing and was a light to
follow for so many people.
May Allah guide her home to him and make
her journey easy. Though she
will be sadly missed, her life and journey will
be lovingly remembered.
Assalamualaykum wa rahmatullahi wa

Indeed it is a great loss to our Muslims' world
as respectful sister Aminah is a very
honourbale person who has done a lot for
Islam. May Allaah bless her soul. Aminn. May
Allaah put peace into the hearts of her family

I may not live in United States but indeed
reading the conversion story of Sister Aminah
one time ago brought tears to my eyes.
MashaAllaah. I'll never forget that moment.

Ya Allaah, Ya Rabbi, Ya Rahmaan, Ya
Rahiim, grant us forgiveness and
peacefulness. Meet us with our loved ones in
Jannaah. Aminn Aminn Aminn.

Assalamu alaykum,

Although I have only met sister Aminah
several times, I was deeply touched by her
personality, her life story and her speeches.  
Sister Aminah recently visited the Muslim
Unity Center in Bloomfield Hills , MI in
October as well as about a month ago.  In
addition to addressing the entire community,
she took time to address our group of
converts at the mosque.   

Sister Aminah touched the lives of everyone
she met, with her sense of humor and warm
personality and hugs.  She was a humble
scholar that anyone would feel comfortable
talking with and addressing questions to.  
She always stressed the importance of being
active in our communities beyond the walls
of mosque and teaching non-Muslims about
Islam through our actions.   

Sister Aminah always noted the importance
of women in the community and their
important role of raising children.  She
passionately spoke of “hijab attitude”, that we
must act as though we expect no less than
the respect that we deserve as Muslim
women.  She was dedicated to educating
and involving the youth, educating Muslim
women of their importance and rights, and
helping and supporting converts to Islam.  
She also stressed the importance of reading
and understanding the Qur’an and ahadith,
instead of merely following scholarly

Sister Aminah often spoke of how we must
increase our love for Allah and get to know
Him personally.  Sister Aminah described
her love of Allah and of Islam with such
passion that many of us yearn for and are
striving to achieve.  We must place all of our
trust in Him and fully believe and realize that
Allah is the All Powerful, the All Knowing,
once we truly have this belief, only then will
all of our fears about what others think about
us will diminish.  

Sister Aminah will truly be missed by
everyone that knew her.  May Allah accept all
of her good deeds, forgive her sins, and
enter her in to paradise, Ameen.   

Assalam Alaykum,

I had only just learned of who Aminah
Assilmi was, by a friend on facebook,
and it is with great sadness to hear of
her death. I am also a convert to
Islam ( 8 1/2 years ), and becoming
Muslim.....we are always curious and
want to learn as much as we can. When
I saw my friend on facebook saying
she is mourning the loss of Sister
Aminah Assilmi, of course I looked up
her name.
How did I NOT know who this amazing,
beautiful, and accomplished Muslim
woman was ?? Now it is upon her death
that I am gaining knowledge and
Islamic information. I will pass on her
name to every Muslim sister that I
know, and I myself will listen to her
lectures that I have just found on
I pray that Allah SWT will give her a
peaceful journey, and that her family
she has left behind will know that she
WAS and still IS an inspiration to us
all !!
To Allah SWT to we belong, and to
HIM will shall return.
Many Blessings, Dawn " Aminah ", my
Muslim name.
I am greatly saddened to hear the
news of the death of our Sister
Aminah Assilmi,"To God we belong
and to Him we return,".
I am fortunate to listen to her few
years back here in Little Rock.
She visited our community few times.

may Allah accept and reward her with
the Highest place in Jannah.
may Allah give the patience to the
family to bear such a great loss.

Please let me know if we at little rock
can be of any help.

In remembrance of Sister Aminah


Sr. Aminah Assilmi died today in a sudden
car accident. Inna lillah wa inna ilaihi
rajeoon. She was 65 and had been ill a few
years ago but had been doing much better
recently. She died instantly I read.
SubhanAllah, indeed it is true we do not
know when or how any of us will be called
back Home. I heard the news this evening
and my mind immediately flashed back to all
my memories of her.

I was a teenager in a MYNA camp when I first
heard her speak. She walked up mature and
elegant, wearing a long skirt outfit and fully
wrapped Hijab. A convert to Islam she always
told us funny anecdotes and stories about
being Muslim. She would then pause while
we laughed and go on to give us the teaching
point. When I was in MSA we invited her a few
times to the Northeast to speak. Usually the
topic was something like ‘Behind the Veil’ or
‘Myths of Women in Islam’. She always
spoke well and was very equal to answering
any obnoxious questions or debating any
‘feminists’ in the audience who felt they knew
better. I never knew her to turn anyone away
from speaking to her. She had the same
quality of the Prophet (saw) where if she was
speaking to you, you felt like you were her
most prized best friend in the world. She
always took the time out to talk to ‘us girls’
and remembered us whenever we met.

In years since MSA, I would see her less and
less often at ISNAs and ICNAs and other
events. She had been ill for a long time I
believe and I’d seen her in a wheelchair for a
number of years. About two years ago I
received an email that asked for help for
Sister Aminah. She had lost her home and
income and needed help. She’d been living
on campgrounds because she had nowhere
else to go. I remember even posting this to
others, and I really thought I had sent her
some money to help. But I’ve since checked
and in the hurry of everyday life I did not.

This past 4th of July ISNA I met Sister
Aminah again and we reminsced a little and
she talked about organizing a retreat for
Muslim women. I told her a little about our
retreat in upstate New York and she gave me
her card. I asked if we could take a picture
together and she happily smiled and put her
arms around me wearing the biggest,
pinkest sunhat I’d ever seen.
In the 90s we were a generation that was
raised in Islamic camps, conferences and
university lecture halls. Our parents were
Imam Siraj Wahaj, Sh. Hamza Yusuf, Imam
Zaid Shakir, Jamal Badawi, Abdullah Idris,
Ahmad Sakr, Sheema Khan, Haroon Sellars,
Saffet Catovic, Abdullah Adhami, Aminah
Assilimi… so many well known names that
we heard from over and over again. Teaching
us, inspiring us, motivating us. Trying so
hard to give us an identity. Today, I can’t even
remember all the long-forgotten names. But
they made us the strong Muslims we are
today. In fact, I can’t even imagine where we
would be without them.

Yet when their time of need came and
comes, we are not there for them. How many
people received the email forward asking for
help for Sister Aminah and did nothing
(myself included).  How many people have
received the calls for help for Imam Siraj’s
cancer treatment and have donated anything
to help. We would be lost and astray without
them, yet we are not willing to give back.

I’m reminded of another great man who died
on the steps of a nursing home; alone and
penniless. Abdullah Yusuf Ali, from whom
millions of English speaking Muslims have
benefited from. Yet he too died alone with no
help from the Muslim Community.

I was unable to help Sister Aminah in life, but
I am determined to help her in death and
also promise to help my ‘other parents’ when
they are in need inshaAllah.

May Allah have mercy on sister Aminah, give
Shifaa to her son and patience to her family.
May Allah reward her for all her Dawah work
for the benefit of the Ummah (she was truly a
da’iah for Allah) and enter her into Jannah.

May Allah (SWA) accept all her good deeds and
have mercy on her soul .Sister Aminah was an
ardent supporter and activist for islamic causes.I
have known her for over twenty years and was
always very receptive and amiable.My deepest
condolences to the family.Imam Faizul Khan Silver
Spring Maryland

"To God we belong and to Him we return". May
God Bless Her Soul.  My sincere condolences to
her loved ones .I read the sad news thru CAIR's
e-mail.   She was my age, with sons and
grandchildren. My eyes welled up with tears
because I don't have the load of good deeds she
carried with her. Her death made me take a
second look at my Islamic values and how little
time I use to share them with others or even
implement on my daily actions and behaviors.  
Sister, You may rest in Peace.  Zareen  
Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajiun!!! May Allah
forgive sister Aminah Assilmi and help her son
to get better. I pray they will be given strength
by Allah in this time of hardship. After every
hardship there will be ease. Allah is the best of
helpers. May we all make it to Firdous/
Paradise like we hope sister Aminah will.

I am deeply saddened by the death of
our dear Sister Aminah Assilmi.  This
is a great loss to the Muslim
She was one of the best and well
informed speaker I have ever shared
a stage with.  She never showed her
pre-stage nerves ot her illness.  
Sister Aminah has been an
inspiration to me to carry on with
dignity despite personal problems
and serious illness.  She will be

Mary Ali
The Institute of Islamic Information &
Inna lillahe wa inna ilaihe rajioon, very
sad news... she was our good teacher,
she was the fighter,and Allah swt gave
her shahadat, may Allah swt
bestow His mercy on her, forgive all
her sins, give her Jannatul firdous
and give patience to her family.
Salam Alaykum,

May Allah grant sister Aminah Assilmi jannah.  
She will be dearly missed.  The ummah has lost
a bright shining star.  Please remember to make
dua for sr. Aminah and to read the Qur'an for
her.  She did so much for the world wide
ummah.  Allah is the rewarder but we should not
forget who she was and what she meant to us

I'm writing this to offer my condolences
for the passing of sister Aminah.  I've
never met her, but have listened to her
lectures many time and have read some
of her material.  Alhamdulillah she was
an amazing person and the world will
miss her greatly.  I pray that Allah grants
her with peace in the grave and in the
akhirah.  Ameen.

Assalamu alaykum,

It is with great sadness that I learned of this
tremendous loss for our Ummah.  I met Sr.
Aminah in New Mexico at the first Muslim
PowWow back around 1993 or so.  She was
so gracious and dignified in her bearing,
even as she had no qualms about getting
her hands dirty with the rest of us "pioneers."  
I actually had the pleasure of riding "shotgun"
in her pickup truck as we drove some camp
participants to a swimming hole, not far from
the masjid there in Abiquiu.  We talked about
what it meant to be a Muslim and she really
had some deep insights about life, family
and what it was all about.  As a young
twenty-something convert, she immediately
seemed like a mentor figure to me.  I only
saw her once or twice in later years at
conventions, and her beaming face always
struck me as that of an angel, if any person
could ever be so.  I pray for her safe and
honorable entry into a world of joy without
end and inshallah I hope her family can
continue in her noble example.  Ameen.

- Yahiya Emerick
I offer my sincere condolences to the
family of Aminah Assilmi.   May Allah
shower His mercy on Sister Aminah and
grant her loved ones strength and
patience in this time of sorrow. .   "To
God we belong and to Him we return"
Abdulkarim Khalil
As salaamu alaykum,
The staff of Azizah Magazine is sending our
heartfelt condolences to the family and
friends of our sister Aminah Assilmi.  Inna
lilahi wa inailayhi rajaoon.  
She leaves a legacy of work behind that
that benefits all Muslim Americans, and in
particular, Muslim women.  May Allah
reward her with Jennah.
With peace,
Tayyibah Taylor
Publisher & Editor-in-Chief

May Allah (S) Provide Sister Amina
Assilmmi a place in Jannat-e-Firdaus! -
Ameen !!!

i have sis. aminah speak several times
and had the wonderful oppurtinity of
spending time with her on her last visit to
Home of the
International Union of Muslim Women
If you would still like
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Aminah's final
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Memories and thoughts upon the passing of
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